We started 4 October 2020 and have seen God do miraculous things since our inception. We want to personally invite you to come be part of the journey.

Amsterdam City Church (ACC) is a church that was opened on Sunday 4 October 2020. The church consists of many young people and is one of the many branches of The Church of Pentecost Holland. Amsterdam City Church is also referred to as ACC.

Amsterdam City Church is a multicultural church that aims to: connect people with God, improve their personal relationship with the Lord, and provide them with a safe home full of love, attention, and support.

The City Church district’s overseer is John Angoh who also presides at ACC.
The national head of The Church of Pentecost Holland is Apostle Samuel Obeng Eshun.

See more information about our leaders here.

Our church services take place every week on:

Fridays from 20:00u. till 21:30u.
Sundays from 10:45u. till 12:30u.

See the schedule here.

In addition to the usual church services, ACC also organizes special programs every month. There are also many other activities and projects in and around the church. The Holy Supper takes place only on every first Sunday of the month. On that day we also give our tithes and special offerings for missions.

Why should you join us?

If you’re tired of religion, traditional church, or you think you know what church is like (and don’t like it), then Amsterdam City Church is for you! We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  That’s right, we want to help you discover what it means to have a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ. The mission of Amsterdam City Church is to spread the word of God and His love. We believe that the more you know Jesus the more you know you! At Amsterdam City Church we help you to find the calling of God and how to improve it.


At Amsterdam City Church we want you to feel at home. Regardless of your color, age or religion, we will receive you with open arms.